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Re: Hurd documentation roadmap


in the new year. Let's hope 1999 will become the breakthrough in Hurd

Some notes about the documentation:

Web pages

I found that in the current Hurd pages important and unimportant
information, outdated and actual are mixed somewhat randomly. So I felt
it was necessary to have a completely new structure. I made two
prototypes for a new structure which can be viewed at
http://chianti.philosophie.uni-stuttgart.de/~matthias/hurd. Please take
a look at them and comment. The pages are not fully-working, some links
do not work. They are rather intended to discuss structure and design

There was the proposal to use cvs for the administration of the pages.
This seems sensible to me. At the moment, I'm not familiar with cvs. So
perhaps we update the pages by hand as soon as possible but switch to
cvs within the next week (or Stephen perhaps can do the initial update).
Also, I currently do not have an account on the GNu machines. Who does
administer this?


To my view, the discussion resulted in retaining two FAQs (gnu-hurd and
debian-gnu-hurd), which I initially proposed to merge. Perhaps for now,
we can add a question 'Im very confused! Why are there two FAQs?' with
an answer stating that the difference will become clearer in the future.

But, most urgent I found to add/update questions like
- What version of the Hurd should I install?
- Where can I get the latest version?
- Where can I get installing instructions?

This was my initial point, to stop people from installing outdated
versions and (like me) asking about bugs fixed for years.

Installation manual

Not only my own feeling but also your feedback turned out that an
installation manual is higly desirable. At time, I take first
considerations about this manual. As a first step, I want to get an
overview of existing material. I currently  have knowledge of the
following documents:

- Hurd 0.2 (July 1997) installation instructions
- ghhk of July 1998 installation instructions
- John Tobey's recent installation instructions
- GRUB documentation
- Marcus Brinkmans installation guide part 1-4
- The idiot's guide to install Hurd

If you know of other relevant sources, please let me know.

-- Matthias

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