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Re: base/Install Package

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, John Tobey wrote:

> Max <tazq@crazy.ml.org> wrote:
> > Yes, I've got a network goign here.  (Grub/Winm98 <-> Linux (masq) <->
> > Internet).  I'd be happy to test the packages.  I'll tell you when I can
> > get telnet to my shell account to write you mail that I'm writing you mail
> > from a shell account that I connected to from Grub :P
Oops, that should read HURD (I was playing with GRUB last night trying to
get it work on my hard drive, hence it was stuck in mind)
> Oooh, ooh!  I'm jealous.  :-)

Heh. :)
> You mean to do PPP The Hurd Way, right?  A while back, Okuji Yoshinori
> sent some mail regarding work he had done to make gnumach work with
> "Linux drivers".  I'm not sure whether that code has made it into the
> gnumach package, and I haven't asked Okuji about the details, but that
> might be a lazy way for someone to get PPP working and familiarize
> himself with the Hurd/Linux driver interface.

That's a bit over my head at the moment :)  I just wanna get my compiler
working.  alpha.gnu.org doesn't seem to want to work.  The machine is
there, and it responds to ICMP's, and refuses connections, but the FTP
port is just.. hanging.

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