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Re: egcs or gcc?

I cross-compile using egcs and have no problems.  Sounds fine to me.

> Thisleads to another question: can I have a swap file instead a swap
> partition? If yes, how so?

Yes!  Just like'd you'd think:

/dev/sd0s3f/paging_file $(add-paging-file) $(default-pager)

in your /boot/servers.boot to use the file `paging_file' on sd0sf; it groks
either an ffs or ext2fs filesystem, and of course if the file should be
touched after boot you are in sorry shape.  You can of course also have
more than one $(add-paging-file) line for multiple partitions and/or files.
Just put $(default-pager) only on the last one.

(Note that it is not currently possible to use `swapon' to request paging
to a file, only to a whole partition.)

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