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Re: Need help with netbase


>>>>> Marcus Brinkmann writes:

 MB> On Tue, Jan 19, 1999 at 01:20:12AM +0900, kunihiro@zebra.org
 MB> wrote:
 >> I've tried to write route command for the Hurd.  I've posted
 >> detailed information to bug-hurd@gnu.org.  Below is patch to glibc
 >> and hurd.  Now I'm implementing ifconfig for the Hurd.

Kunihiro: thanks for your work in this area, but it looks like Thomas
now wants to do things differently.  The RPC interface you implemented
was written before he and Roland decided that command-line arguments
were the best way to pass parameters to a translator.

You are right in that there will still need to be statistic-requesting
RPCs, even if basic configuration parameters are set using settrans
and fsysopts.

If you don't understand what I mean by the above paragraph, we can
talk about it more on bug-hurd.

 MB> Cool. Gordon, can you comment on this patch? If you are
 MB> integrating it at your end, I can integrate the patch to hurd for
 MB> the Debian package (a new Hurd package is overdue anyway).

I'll take a look at your patches, Kunihiro, and comment on them as
soon as I have time.  Of course, keep in mind that I'm only a
second-tier developer, so if Thomas or Roland gets to you first, you
can take their words as better advice.


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