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Re: / -> /usr symlink


I am not responding to anyone in particular, but to each of you in this
single mail.

Roland has expressed my feelings very well. He pointed out that we don't
need to push unconvenient changes to the whole Debian GNU/Linux project,
which is certainly correct. The small changes which are better included in
the normal packages should not rise contention [1] in general.

Matthew found the right word for it, when he mentioned that we should be

I thank everyone who has expressed his support. The next step is not to file
further bug reports for individual packages, but to get hurd support into
dpkg and the policy. I will file a proposal for this today, interested
people should watch and participate at debian-policy.

About the subject: Gordon seems to agree with adding /usr support to glibc
now, which seems to be a good compromise. People who want to try without
can still use the symlink, I will make sure the install scripts work with
both alternatives. Officially, only the real directory shall be supported,
but we shall try and make a list of problems that appear with the symlink
whenever we are aware of them.


[1] It was indeed such a small incident which made me worry, but then, it
was just a single incident, and I exaggerated a bit.

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