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quinn diff and new packages for you to sink your teeth into


I uploaded the new gnumach 19990116, it is already installed in the archive.
It is much better than the previous version, for example, the mysterious IRQ
errors at boot time do not appear any more :) I also added kmsg, so syslog
can provide some useful functionality in the future (similar to
syslogd/klogd under Linux).

I also uploaded slang1 and ae, the missing base packages
(got that, Matthew? :). Do NOT use slang 1.2.2-2, it is broken (yeah, a
hardcoded "gcc" in the configure script screwed me). I have not tested slang
1.2.2-2.1, but it is at least linked to the correct libc :)

It is likely that my upload of ae gets rejected. If this is the case, I'll
rebuild with a higher version number. Please be patient, it's a crappy DOS
style editor anyway.

Have I uploaded more? No. I tried to compile fortune (I was bored and wanted
something funny), but it only says that the database is corrupted. Seems to
be a problem with accessing the files, I will investigate. It's priority
high. I need my fortunes :P

I also tried to compile lynx, which was a complete failure. Compilation of
the main routine used up all my memory (48 MB+ 120 MB swap). I don't believe
that this is correct. Another thing to investigate.

Here is a bonbon for you: If you want some motivation (or depression), take
a look at:


and parent web sites. Thanks to James Troup for this service.

I will work on the arch specific file later (this means, that non-hurd
packages will not appear in the list)


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