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Re: Path idea

On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 01:04:36PM -0500, Bob Trower wrote:
> I hope I am not hereby spamming this mailing list, but it seems germain to 
> some of the problems being encountered with packaging, installation, etc 
> and was prompted by the attached note.
> Here is one person's opinion after 20 years of struggling with path 
> 'epistemology'.  These are notes based on something immodestly called 'The 
> Standard Directory System'.
> $MYDIR:bin:../bin:../../bin:../../../bin:$OPSYSPATH

Hi Bob,

while I find your idea very charming (although a bit complicated), it has
little to do with Debian's business. Debian does resolve version conflicts
and dependencies using is own system, and using multiple versions of a
package at the same time is simply not supported (I think this is the main
point your proposal tries to addresse).

I think the Standard Directory System is an excellent addition to the users
tricks and hacks book, but adding support for it in the Debian packaging
tools (or in anyones packaging tools, FWIW), would need _some_ thoughts and
additional considerations.

> Any way you slice it, it's going to be complicated managing multiple items, 
> versions, releases, builds and configurations.  However, with some 
> organization, it may be possible to reduce dependancies and minimize 
> clutter at a given level.

Agreed. Debian solves this by not supporting different versions of the very
same package at all, although we provide new/additional packages if
concurrent versions can coexist nicely.

Thanks for this inspiring email.

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