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Re: My two (worthless) cents

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 05:44:19PM -0700, Max wrote:
> I'd like to offer both alternatives. After doing some investigations, I
> come to the conclusion that only little things break. Root clutter is not
> evil on the hurd as soon as shadowfs is supported (which is the whole idea),
> and lastly, determining the location of a binary by its content is nonsense
> (I would like to see /usr/games go completely, as well as /usr/X11R6).

Offering both is also a nice conslusion, and seems we all agree on it.
What exactly is shadowfs?  I'm assuming it's something like NetBSD's union
(something like mounting on top of another).
> > (It'll be cool to not have to reboot to try it).
> This is the true benefit of a microkernel. YOu can boot subhurds inside the
> Hurd to test your translators, but non-essential translators can be tested
> without booting a sub hurd even.

a subhurd?  Now that sounds cool.  Howzit work?
> Please elaborate. I do not experience such things now (I had some problems
> in the past). It dies if no space is left on the device, so don't fill it
> up. Otherwise it works fine here. Are you using thelatest Debian packages,
> or which version?

I'm using everything in gnu-19990104 and some various packages off of the
debian distribution.
> libc0.2-dev, hurd-dev, gnumach-dev. A gcc is also packaged, but please get
> the specs file from contrib/marcus on alpha, too.
> Marcus

I can't find libc0.2-dev.  I assume it's on alpha which seemes to be
fubareed at the moment. :)

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