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Re: My two (worthless) cents

On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 05:44:19PM -0700, Max wrote:
> Personally, I think if we're going to be porting debian/linux stuff, the
> /usr symlink has got to go.  And now would be the time to do it.  First,
> root directory clutter is evil.  I do agree it would be nice to move as
> much stuff as possible to the /lib and /bin directories, some things are
> nicer under /usr (games, for example) and it would make porting less of a
> nightmare.

I'd like to offer both alternatives. After doing some investigations, I
come to the conclusion that only little things break. Root clutter is not
evil on the hurd as soon as shadowfs is supported (which is the whole idea),
and lastly, determining the location of a binary by its content is nonsense
(I would like to see /usr/games go completely, as well as /usr/X11R6).

> Second, we need to get some filesystem support.  Once I get hurd actually
> working (rebooting every 10 minutes isn't fun... my system tasks keep
> kicking the bucket)  I'd be willing to try to get [v]fatfs started, once I
> get some source for translators to go from.

The hurd source package is in the archive.

> (It'll be cool to not have to reboot to try it).

This is the true benefit of a microkernel. YOu can boot subhurds inside the
Hurd to test your translators, but non-essential translators can be tested
without booting a sub hurd even.

>  And ext2fs has got some serious bugs.... I've had to
> reboot many many times due to it dying.

Please elaborate. I do not experience such things now (I had some problems
in the past). It dies if no space is left on the device, so don't fill it
up. Otherwise it works fine here. Are you using thelatest Debian packages,
or which version?
> Ok, and some inquisitive stuff...
> What are the device numebrs for /servers/socket/inet?  My '2' device is
> somewhere in ext2fs limbo.  It's not visible or usable, but it's not
> deletable or creatable.

? Try from linux if everything else fails.

> e2fsck says it clean (whcih needs to be ported).

Right. e2fsprogs doesn't compile though. I tried to fix the problems, but
they are over my head. Can someone please investigate? You need some
knowledge about sys_errlist and strerror.

> For compiling, I need to find crt1.o and some include files.. where might
> these be at, package wise?

libc0.2-dev, hurd-dev, gnumach-dev. A gcc is also packaged, but please get
the specs file from contrib/marcus on alpha, too.


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