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Re: base/Install Package

From: John Tobey <jtobey@channel1.com>
Subject: Re: base/Install Package
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 11:49:04 -0500 (EST)

> You mean to do PPP The Hurd Way, right?  A while back, Okuji Yoshinori
> sent some mail regarding work he had done to make gnumach work with
> "Linux drivers".  I'm not sure whether that code has made it into the
> gnumach package, and I haven't asked Okuji about the details, but that
> might be a lazy way for someone to get PPP working and familiarize
> himself with the Hurd/Linux driver interface.

  GNU Mach emulates Linux devices only for block, scsi, net and
pci. Character devices are not supported, and they are supported by
Mach-native drivers. However, PPP support must be implemented in Hurd,
not in Mach.

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