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New user for gnudist (was Re: New Hurd pages available for preview)

"M.C. Vernon" wrote:

> Alternatively, you could give me an a/c on gnu.org :), then I could upload
> them as they change (I will shortly become a debian developer, and my PGP
> key should be on the public servers anyway).


This sounds good to me.  Once you have an ID, we'll work out where to put them.  Do
you have installed/know how to use CVS?  If so, it should be easy to add to and
maintain things from your end.

GNU Web-masters:

Matthew Vernon is helping on the Hurd documentation.  Could you please add him as a
user on gnudist.gnu.org?  Further details available from
mailto:matthew@sel.cam.ac.uk.  This ID should also be in the cvsadmin group.

thanks, steve

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