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Re: FAQ ??

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 04:13:44PM +0100, mil Thomas MANGIN wrote:
> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > > No bash is automaticly lauch on boot and some system environment values
> > > are not set ($HOME) How to do this ..
> >
> > /bin/sh is loaded by default at boot time (in single user). this is usually
> > a symlnk to /bin/bash.
> >
> I get in multi user a  (no -s option)
> sh-version > logout
> here is a cat of /etc/motd
> login> login root
> bash>

This happens when the boot process was interrupted by an error, for example
fsck missing (as it is not ported yet).

> > > ps command is not working on my system .. quite problematic ..
> >
> > Make sure you use the "ps" in the Hurd package, it should work.
> I use the snapshot of the 19990104 without any additrion for the moment
> I launch ps and  get nothing  as output but the command is launched

Ah well. This means that it may not work correctly, but it does also not
work not at all... mmmh.


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