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Re: Idiot's guide available online

M.C. Vernon wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Matthias Pfisterer wrote:
> > hello,
> >
> > it seems that the 'Idiot's guide to install the Hurd on a Linux box' is
> > one of the documents which are helpful for newbies. So I decided to make
> > it available online:
> <insert little grump here>
> > http://chianti.philosophie.uni-stuttgart.de/~matthias/hurd/install/
> >
> > (Note that this is an interimistic solution. I think, this document
> > should soon be moved to the GNU site and we should set up a system of
> > mirrors.)
> Hmph. It will be back at its rightful home (pick.sel.cam.ac.uk) from
> Saturday (hopefully 10am local time), and will then be updated by me to
> deal with the nice shiny new debian packages. Sorry to be grumpy, but I
> did explain all of this on this list at the end of last term....
> I'll email the list when it's updated.

I'm very sorry, I didn't want to annoy you. Of course my page will
disappear once your updated guide is available. The rationale was that
it seems to make sense to have an alternate location even for this short
period, since there are almost daily small questions on installing,
which can easily be answered by your really well-understandable guide.
Again sorry for the inconvenience.

Then, after (hopefully) having cleared this, I think we should try to
look into the future. Documentation is a big problem with the Hurd.
Stephen L. Favor <sfavor@corridor.com>, maintainer of the Hurd FAQs for
a while, is now also volunteered as "documentation maintainer". At the
moment, he is setting up cvs on www.gnu.org, which (as I understood it)
will be used for the web pages, the FAQs and other documentation. Your
installation guide, as an important part of the Hurd documentation,
seems to fit into this structure. Having such things in a central place
makes it easy to mirror them as a whole, thereby making temporary
kludges as I did unnecessary. So I invite you to get in contact with
Stephen to further discuss this issue.

-- Matthias

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