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ed, nvi, joe -- a trif^Hple for you to play with


I upload ed, joe and nvi.


This was easy to compile. But you probably won't use it very much. Still it
is an "important" package as some scripts may use it in other packages.


Compile quite nicely, with only a minimal change to the rules file, which is
reported as a bug. Seems to work. Use "nvi" to start it, not "vi" (see my
other mail).


This program should really use autoconf but isn't. Therefore I needed to do
some changes to make it cross compile (it still would benefit greatly from
autoconf support, so if one if you has a lazy afternoon, look at "conf.c"
and rewrite it).

It works almost good. When you enter text in the top lines, sometimes eight
characters "vanish". Press "CTRL-R" to bring them back (refresh screen). I
have not the time to investigate it, maybe it is just a terminal


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