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Re: GRUB for Debian in general?

On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 03:30:12PM +0100, Mark Kettenis wrote:
> The only problem is the vga= option.  Because video mode selection is a
> bit of a kludge in Linux (it's done before switching the processor to
> protected mode) the video mode is encoded in the kernel binary itself
> and cannot be changed by means of a command line option.  Apparently
> LILO knows the location of this information and stuffs in something
> else if you use a vga= option.  AFAIK GRUB cannot do this.  But of
> course the vga=normal can be ommitted since it is the default.

True, this is just a kernel parameter, like "mem=". However, I hope we will
have much better video adapter support later (done right, not like in the
Linux kernel < 2.2, maybe GGI will do it for us). Then we can change the
video mode just like svgatextmode does. Working ona 100x37 text terminal
with a high refresh rate is just cool.

However, this is all low priority :)


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