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Re: Installation Problem

Matthias Pfisterer wrote:
Thomas MANGIN wrote:
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When I received the mail myself I didn t get this !! Thank you by the way making
the effort of reading it.
> Can't open server boot script /dev/hs0s0/boot/servers.boot
> But the file exists ...

It's the old story about partition names, this is a quite confusing
topic in the Hurd.

Your Hurd partition (hda4 in Linux terms) has the mach name hd0s4. This
is because here,  unlike in GRUB, partitions are counted starting with
one. The partition name has to be given to the mach kernel:
    kernel=/boot/gnumach root=hs0s4 -s

Issuing this, the kernel should be able to locate his root partition and
therefore also the file /boot/servers.boot.

Note that the partition name you used in GRUB (root=(hd0,3)) was

I tryed all the number between 0 and 3 !! I may be too idiot for the idiot guide
(Perfectly possible ;-) So i would suggest an example in it for the persons like me.


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