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Please upload glibc 2.0.106 to the debian site!


to anyone who can do it:
Please take the *.deb files for glibc 2.0.106 from alpha.gnu.org and
upload them to ftp.debian.org. If possible, delete the 2.0.6 files.
Otherwise, since it is not evident that 2.0.106 as a later version than
2.0.6, there should be a glibc.README file explaining this.

The reason:

On the mailing list help-hurd, people are constantly asking 'my exec
server hangs during boot. What should I do?' (This is due to using 2.0.6
instead of 2.0.106) There were about 2 people in the last two days
(myself not included), so this can be considered a common problem. We
could make their lives easier by providing the correct verion at the
correct location.

-- Matthias

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