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Re: Some tasks for Debian people

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> *  dpkg-shlibdeps: Last time I tried it, it crashed the maschine. Find out
>    why and how to fix it. It is a perl script in dpkg-dev.
>    This is probably related to "ldd", which also crashes sometimes.

Maybe this quick and dirty poor's man ldd could help:

objdump --private-headers "$@" | \
awk '$1 == "NEEDED" { printf "\t%s => /lib/%s\n", $2, $2 }'

Just put it somewhere before the real ldd in the PATH (for example, in
/local/bin or such). At least I think it could serve to know whether
dpkg-shlibdeps crash is ldd's fault or not.

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