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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd Base Set "gnu-19990104" available now!

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> [...]
> Can the hurd boot from ZIP disks? I have an extern parallel port ZIP drive
> here...

I think it is not possible (no OS can do this), since a driver needs to
be loaded before the drive can be accessed by an operating system. (I
can say this definitely for LS-120 drives, which are a very simular
Also, there seems to be a problem booting from internal LS-120 drives.
Normal operating systems (Windows...) can boot from internal drives if
the BIOS can handle it. GRUB hangs when I try to boot from an ordinary
3,5" disk inserted into the LS-120. I've tested GRUB 0.4, but not
further explored this issue. It may be a problem of GRUB, but perhaps it
is a problem of the chipset or the BIOS. I will give a detailed report
once I've tested it with the newest version of GRUB.

-- Matthias

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