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Poisoned Gift

Hi EveryOne

I know have a perfectly non working Hurd system and as you can guess I don t have it to work as I already have a nearly working Linux system ;-).

I would like tot help but I don t think I will have time to port any package as:
1- I never done it and I don t have the time to learn and to it properly
2- I am a lazy person
3- My girlfriend is going to live with me soon
3- In case of you really dont want to consider 1,2 and 3, I am in 4th year of Computer Science study.

If you need some help you can mail me I will be pleased to be usefull ( I still don t know how, but I will )


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Thomas MANGIN                                    thomas.mangin@iname.com
Maitrise Informatique de Lyon              t-mang98@bat710.univ-lyon1.fr
+33 6 60 97 91 01

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