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Re: ncr support?


On Mon, Jan 25, 1999 at 04:33:38PM +0900, OKUJI Yoshinori wrote:
> > OKUJI, can we have some option like --enable-all-drivers to get maximum
> > driver support, (probably followed by --disable-xxx to disable
> > conflicting/unwanted
> > drivers)? Or --enable-all-network --enable-all-scsi etc?
>   Currently, --disable-xxx for Linux drivers can't work. I didn't feel
> to fix this, but should this work? Perhaps yes, but you can write your
> own script to enable all the Linux drivers without any mistake,
> instead of adding --enable-all-xxx (I don't like switches like
> --enable-all-xxx, I feel they are too violent).

Okay, I can write a script. I hope there is a clean way to extract the
information, but before you tell me, let me have a look :)
>   In addition, it doesn't make sense to enable all scsi drivers, in
> many cases. Because they often conflict when detecting scsi devices.
> GNU Mach doesn't have loadable modules, so we have to prepare many
> kernel images as Slackware does.

Ouch!!! I hope this is not the last word on it. Isn't it the real benefit of
a microkernel to be modular and extensible at run time? "many kernel images"
is violent from my point of view.


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