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[no subject] #%^$贏光老外的錢&%^% (help)-Install process hangs after DC390:0 adapters found (no subject) (slink+0.75)->potato login problem (xterm or rxvt) and VIM *.deb files : installation --exclude behavior in tar seems to have changed ...error: "only 1024-char blocks implemented"...? ...Mutt / GnuPG... .deb File .muttrc /dev/hda1: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY: RUN fsck MANUALLY. /dev/snd is symlinked to nonexistant file /etc/X11/Xsession changed? /usr/src/linux/.config? /var/log/syslog entries 100dpi fonts in xfs-xtt? Re: 100Mb/Full Duplex 1024-char block ll_rw error...? 128 bit version of Netscape 4.73 2 gateways possible (sorry for wrap) 2 gateways possible? 2 things (ipmasq & apache mod_include) 2.1 or 2.2 help - correction 2.1 or 2.2, help!! 2.2.15 kernel boot freezes at "running ntpdate..." 2.4test1 make zImage error 3 Nic Cards Setup 3Button Emulation under X 3Com 3C920 Help Re: #%^$Ĺ¥ú¦Ñ¥~ªº¿ú&%^% Re: Libré Software universities? (USA or Canada) RE: ?q?l $I ?C?u ?s?ia??P [Fwd: dependencies rpoblem] [lcdproc] problem with contrast [OT?] Hard disk dying? [OT] linux w/mac client ok: linux w/windows client ugh--? [OT] Stupid sendmail question [PADS] Installing Debian, Corel, and Storm Linux [Q] 2.4.X kernels [Q] Does anybody else have problems with W3M [Q] How do one make a bootable Debian CD [Q] Search for documentation on how to make .deb files Re: [utah-glx-users] i810 + GLX - question a) telnet, b) x window setting ABIT BP6 & UDMA-66: Support for Debian Linux About Centralizing Passwords about X Windows Programming acroread Adaptec Error Additional Terminals advice on php3 Advice required - Macjanet to debian/netatalk/samba Aeromail AGP AIC 7892 boot problem The ALSA driver in potato is very outdated :-( AMD v autofs annoucement: auto-login patch for xdm Any FREE tool to display pdflatex created PDF slides in debian? Anyone get IBM TopPage to work on Debian Potato?? Anyone have kernel-source-2.2.14.deb Anyone know of any software for online banking?? anyone using xosview? apache + tomcat ..? apache and frontpage Apache and perl cgi problem apache config questions apache cron job not active apache module question Apache proxy Apache Web Server question apache_1.3.12 SSL error APM: Poweroff actually does a reboot applets and apache APT -- Proxy Problems? Apt and dselect dis-agree what should be done apt-get apt-get & kernel question apt-get dist-upgrade apt-get error apt-get hold? apt-get install kernel\* -- package snags? (frozen) apt-get new helixcode gnome apt-get segfaults apt-get sources.list error apt-get upgrade apt-get via proxy in Potato apt-get: 93 Protocol not supported apt-move 4.1 bug? Arbeitsspeicher nicht auf 100% archives arp -D arp fails under potato Athlon and debian ATP -- Proxy HOWTO? Aureal Vortex2 soundcard in Woody auto-97 program Re:auto-login patch for xdm-Buggy and locked Linux autofs and nis AWE64 making loud noise on bootup Backup Bash script question (was: Re: Netscape 4.73 wrapper broken) Basic question abount apt install Best way to copy Linux from one drive to another A BIOS that wants to know the OS I'm using? blackbox background image Blinkenlights? boot disk boot error boot floppies boot install from HD Boot kernel in order to test hardware? Boot Windows with LILO Booting from floppy Booting from network Booting to offboard controler using LILO both vi and vim hang when I type CTRL-X,CTRL-S Bug Tracking System: Much to many bugs building gimp-print gs driver problems... Building root filesystem as regular user CAE/SPICE for Slink/Potato can I boot without password? Can Linux and X run on TV? Can NIS go through firewall can surf but not ping outside can't access ppp can't apt-get tp can't delete /foo Can't get php4 to work with Apache can't install kernel/modules from cd-rom can't mount cd-rom Cannot open root device Cant send mail Capturing terminal contents cdrdao help a central script to choose what daemons to start Centralizing Logins Cfdisk + win98 + > 8.4 GB = DANGER! Changinf from xinitrc to xsession Changing alternatives Changing SU's password ? Cheap printer? clobbered fonts--intermittant Cloning Disks Co-dependency conflict command substition in .signature Re: command-line -> email attachments/html Compaq b520 and trident blade 3d Compaq ProLiant ML350 compatible sound cards compile error Compile problems Compiling a new kernel and dselect problems Re: Compiling i686 packages? Compiling kernels Compiling the Kernel. compose key in console? configure kernel for ipchains firewall configure php4 problem The last update was on 17:58 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 3333 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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