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Re: apt-get new helixcode gnome

I would say that it's mainly visual improvements but I like the panel
that you get on the top of your desktop: it is swanky and handy. When I
moved to helix, I ended up switching from enlightenment to sawfish
(formerly sawmill) as they work quite well together. Overall, I'd say
they've done a fine job of integrating everything and making it look
great but with only a few new features.

--Grant Sperry

* Preben Randhol (randhol@pvv.org) [000606 06:19] wrote:
> Randy Edwards <redwards@golgotha.net> wrote on 06/06/2000 (13:15) :
> >    Having installed Helixcode on a couple of users' Debian machines, they
> > were thrilled with it.  I wondered the same thing, why?
> > 
> >    In my experience, it was due to the fact that the desktop seemed more
> > "polished."  That, a feeling that it was "different", and especially the
> > collection of themes were what users liked -- people seem to go for that eye
> > candy and that can't be denied.
> I see. But I was under the impression that the packages were better not
> the contents :-)
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