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Re: Backup

> Hi,
>   I'm thinking to get a scsi backup tape for the Potato
>   box.  I'd like to know what is the recommended drive
>   and what software should be used.
>   I also have this dump question.  Would the backup software
>   append the backup files to the end of the tape or overwrite
>   it everytime?
>   TIA!
> ---
> tcp

I use an HP DAT drive (35xxx - now called Surestore, I think).  Its
been use for about 5 years (every night) without a problem.  I've used
'tar' and 'dump' and both work just fine.

I've also used a Sony 5000 and it works too (also cheaper, I think),
but it lacks some of the SCSI commands, and needs to be set up for 0
(zero) block length before use.  I built some scripts to handle the
problems, but seldom use the drive...

Whether or not the software appends or not, is in part predicated on
where the tape is when the run gets going.  Device /dev/nst0 doesn't
rewind, while /dev/st0 does.  If the backup software always rewinds,
and doesn't search for an EOF marker before writing again (i.e. knows
to append) you'll be out of luck.

If you use commercial software, check the specs first.  If you write a
simple 'tar' script, you can do what you want.


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