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RE: about X Windows Programming

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Mark wrote:

> Hello Wan.
> Do you mean :  Does X Windows have MDI forms? (MDI= Multiple Document
> Interface), in a sense that when you maximize one of the child windows it
> only covers the area ocupied by the parent (the MDI form).
> As in windows all widgets and windows have a parent-child relationship, but
> normally ALL parent forms are SDI (Single Document Interface). (They still
> convey to the parent-child scheme!, but are rather independant in their
> shape and form over non parent workspace area)
> MDI forms can be achieved though. There are nice free widgets (at least
> one!) to acomplish this. And giving it a thought you could probably
> constrain you child forms (windows) to the parent geometry without much
> fuss, at least at a first glance.
> If you want to know anything else about the MDI widget I talk about (as I
> said I found it free on the net), send me an e-mail and I will send it to
> you.
> Hope I helped, regards, Mark.
Thanks....Actually I want to write a program portable between Linux and
windows..And gtk+ has been chosen for my program as gtk+ have  a win32
port. Does gtk+ have a MDI widget for it?


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