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2.4test1 make zImage error

	I have run into a bit of a problem when compiling the test kernel
under potato. When I make zImage it runs all the way to the end and then
crashes after reporting that the system is to large. Yet the size it
reports is actualy smaller than that of the current kernel (The default
for potato). Has any one else run into this problem? Or am I doing
something stupid. The exact step I have used (which work with 2.2.x) are
as follows:
	cd /usr/src/linux
	make mrproper
	make menuconfig
	make dep
	make clean
	make zImage

And here it crashes. Ive tried bzImage and it runs to completion, but for
some unkown reason it want run(I even tried bzlilo but it just wont boot). 
If you have any idea how i can get things working I would be much

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