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Re: Blinkenlights?

Quoting Engelen (engelen@hotpop.com):

> I had this cool idea the other night: wouldn't it be (fairly easily)
> possible to create a little component with som LED's which shows the status
> of some serial port, so you could write some programs to do the following:

I cobbled together a kernel module to do this on the parallel port,
and a python module to drive the driver, plus a python program to
test it.

A kid next door used it with a Tk gui that he wrote to drive model
trains at a church fete. You've reminded me that I'll have to revise
it for the 2.2 kernel by next summer unless he learns quickly.

The parallel port pinout is in the pc-hardware faq on usenet.

> I don't want to kill my serial ports :)

They're the robust ones. Take good care of your parallel port.


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