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Re: .deb File

What do you mean: not the FULL debian system installed, is that: you got
the system installed, but not all packages, or you don't have it installed
at all or something else?

When you got debian installed (even if you have only the base system), you
can use dpkg to install the package.

There are very few .deb's that actually contain the sources (AFAIK only
pine), the .deb's contain the binaries.

Ron Rademaker

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Amir wrote:

> Hello all ...
> I have downloaded a .deb file and want to examing the source but don't have
> the full Debian system installed.
> I was wondering whether:
>     a) Is there a utility for Linux/Windows that will allow me to unpack a
> .deb file?
> or b) Is there anyone on the list who could unpack the file for me and
> return the contents?
> Thanks in advance ...
> amir.
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