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Re: About Centralizing Passwords

i'm not sure if ldap will store session information but i suspect it
will.  check out ldap and nss (pam modules to interface to ldap servers).

there are packages for both for debian.


On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Benjamin Hudgens wrote:

> I asked this yesterday and got a very limited response so I wanted to
> explain myself further.
> Is there a client/server protocol that supports centralizing password
> AND session information other than NIS.  If I'm not mistaken, NIS
> requires that you STILL edit the password file and specify user dirs..
> etc.  Perhaps I'm reading this wrong.. 
> Regardless, what I'm really needing is some protocal that will pass
> session data.  So basically I want all my client servers to 'look' at a
> master server's password file to authenticate it's users.  This includes
> default shell, home dir, etc..
> I'm sure some of you have set up NIS successfully, so maybe you might
> point me in the right direction.  If NIS does this, that would be
> great.. I can use radius for the password data and NIS for the session
> data.. If NIS doesn't, I'm SOL.
> SOMEONE has to have done this?  Am I asking in the wrong place?
> Thank you!
> Benjamin
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