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About Centralizing Passwords

I asked this yesterday and got a very limited response so I wanted to
explain myself further.

Is there a client/server protocol that supports centralizing password
AND session information other than NIS.  If I'm not mistaken, NIS
requires that you STILL edit the password file and specify user dirs..
etc.  Perhaps I'm reading this wrong.. 

Regardless, what I'm really needing is some protocal that will pass
session data.  So basically I want all my client servers to 'look' at a
master server's password file to authenticate it's users.  This includes
default shell, home dir, etc..

I'm sure some of you have set up NIS successfully, so maybe you might
point me in the right direction.  If NIS does this, that would be
great.. I can use radius for the password data and NIS for the session
data.. If NIS doesn't, I'm SOL.

SOMEONE has to have done this?  Am I asking in the wrong place?

Thank you!


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