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[Fwd: dependencies rpoblem]

Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:
> jpb <jpb@creol.ucf.edu> writes:

> using a dialup connection, I have a different user name at my ISP (a
> number/character combination) as my user name on my linux system at
> home (I am really the only one or is it so that all other people like
> me don't try to use postfix?). How can I convince postfix to rewrite
> my From: address not only to a different hostname (this one I found
> in the docs), but also to a different username. (Maybe the problem is
> that I don't really understand the mail admin jargon).

This isn't really a MTA issue, more an MUA issue.  There should be some
way to configure your mail program so that it uses x@isp.net as a return
address instead of your real username.

Joe Block <jpb@creol.ucf.edu>
CREOL System Administrator

Social graces are the packet headers of everyday life.

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