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Re: Apt and dselect dis-agree what should be done

tavasti@iki.fi (M. Tavasti) wrote:
>Why quite often with newly upgraded system, dselect still would
>install some packages, and maybe get some problems?

apt-get ignores Suggests: lines in package dependencies; dselect will
offer them for the user's attention ... also, I *think* apt ignores
Recommends: too, whereas dselect treats them exactly as Depends:.

>I mean situation, where I run apt-get upgrade, then enter to dselect
>(to look after some suitable packages for task XXX), dselect is
>automatically marking some packages for install. It's ok for me, but
>when it's getting some conflicts, then I'm puzzled, what should I do? 

Mark them as unselected and override the dependencies with 'Q'?

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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