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2 gateways possible (sorry for wrap)

Hi all,

	I'd like to ask about something below.  Would please tell me the

                     -----   -----   
210.xx.xx.xx     -----    to the internet
(something firewall)
internet                .
                        (PCs)                     (routers)            
(internet gateway)

                                                    +------------------ (servers)
                     ----- -----------   -----      
                        .                            .
LAN                     .                                                .
.                                                                    .
                        (PCs)                     (routers)             
(routers)            (servers)

	I've 2 NICs.  eth0, mask and
eth1 gateway, mask  So I can login to by telnet.  And I can also login to ftp.kde.org by an ftp
	But if I login to, I can not connect to the server. 
Because the server is not the same network address to my
eth1.  So I changed eth1 as, mask and it is not worked.  I don't know why.
	If I login to then, eth0 will send packets to its gateway and eth1 also will send packets to its gateway
then eth0 will reply something timeout or response if there is on the internet.  Anyhow eth1 absoultly receive the
response from I think. -> request is not its
network address. SO -> -> (something?) -> ???  Am I wrong?
	the PC eth0 and eth1 have is win95 and is linux.  Is there
any solution to solve the problem?

many many thanks to the responsers,

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