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Compiling the Kernel.

Hi Everybody!!

I'm trying to build a new kernel that has IP masqing/port forwarding
abilities and I've followed all the directions in the How-TOs and I just
can't seem to get it to work as after runing make config and setting it all
up, I run make clean;make install; make and after it has been working for
probably over an hour it just stops saying there is a file not found error.
I do not understand this because I would have thought that all the files
would have been included in the original .tar.gz file.  If there is some
other way of doing this, I'd be very gratefull of knowing about it.
Otherwise, If someone knows of a site with a decent selection of pre-build
kernels I'd also be grateful.  Otherwise, if anyone is interested in
building such a site, I've got plenty of room on my machine to host it.



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