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a) telnet, b) x window setting


concerning telnet:

I want to be able to login with a telnet client via ethernet, but I
don't want anybody else to be able to login via ISDN and ppp. Is it
possible to tell telnetd to serve only those logins coming from the

To collect data for an x window setup, I ran xviddetect. This is what it

The XFree86 server for Texas Instruments TVP4020 (Permedia 2) is 3dlabs.

I read from this, that I should use the xserver-3dlabs-package. My
computer has a Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro graphics card and an Iiyama
Vision Master Pro 450 monitor, both of them are not mentioned in the
/usr/doc/xserver-common/ info texts. Is it correct to use a
3dlabs-server for a Diamond Fire card? The XF86Config of the
preinstalled RedHat was seemingly set to some kind of server called

Thanks in advance,





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