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To Whom It May Concern:
  I have a Western Digital 15.4GB harddrive and a 1.6 GB harddrive.There
are in a pentium 100 system.I have been trying to install Linux Mandrake
7.0 Deluxe without any progress.My BIOS only
supports up to a 8GB harddrive and I think that is promblem,but I am not
sure.I cannot get a
BIOS upgrade for my computer to overcome the 8 GB limitation.I used Disk
Druid to format my partitions.I also have Windows98SE on the 15.4GB
harddrive.I made a 10GB partition for Windows and left the other 5 GB
alone for Linux.I used Western Digital EZBios to get pass my 8 GB
limition.I also used the Western Digital Data Life Guard Tools to format
my 15GB harddrive.When I used Disk Druid, I made one 4GB linux native
partition and a 1 GB swap partition.Then it starts to scan the
packages.I choose to install everything.After that it tries to installs
but come up with and error message that say mount failed;error
mounting.I have no idea whats wrong.I defragged my harddrive before I
started to install it.Becuase I could not get Linux
Mandrake 7.0 Deluxe to install on my 15.4GB harddrive, I installed it on
my 1.6GB harddrive
without any promblems.That why that I came to the conclusion that it was
my BIOS limation.However I do not know for sure and would like any help
or advice that could help me out wiht my situation.I would be most
appreciative of any help I could get.

Thank You,
John Mason

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