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[no subject] 1.1 -> 1.2 upgrade 1.1 memory management issue ?? 1.2 and dpkg-ftp (was: upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2?) 1.2 installation cache problem 1.2 installation, more notes 1.2 installation, problem making boot floppy 1.2 Installed on PS/2 Model 70 1.2 MB rescue disk 1.2 release? 1.2 Upgrade Experience 1996-12-8 boot floppies uploaded Re: 2 lpd processes; extra processes - possibly related? 2nd debian 1.2 upgrade problem: console hung 2 things 3c905 driver? 99.9% load in /sbin/sylsogd - upgrade errors Aargh, what´s eating my serial IRQs? about ready to make the release Abuse on Debian 1.2 Accents like DOS and Windows? Adaptec 2940U - boot disk failure? Re: AGREE kazem Bakhshesh AHA2842 boot problems [ale] Debian releases (fwd) amd for mail (?) amd problem ANNOUNCE: New Logo and Feedback Page for the Debian Logo Another (different) printing question Another general clueless upgrade question (fwd) Anyone still waiting to be a Debian developer? anyone using an AMD K5? Any pitfalls of upgrading to libc in "unstable"? A.out binaries in debian 1.2 ??? nah.... Re: A.out binaries in debian 1.2 ??? nah.... (fwd) Apache and cgi-bin Apache Installation Apache install problem in Debian 1.2 APM problem on laptop app-defaults file for Offix? apropos core dumps apropos: warning: can't read the fallback whatis text database. Archive Maintenance In Progress? Re: Archive maintenance (problems) in progress? Re: Avoinding separate ppp options files for multiple ttys AW: moving directories badly initialized union in gcc include file (fwd) Bad packages in stable !?!? base diskette problems Base package Beautiful Backups Bizarre hard drive Re: Blackout kills harddisk /boot and kernel-source*.deb boot disk for new PC bounced mail? Browsing *.deb files with Midnight Commander (was: Re: nis install question) Bug#6047: badly initialized union in gcc include file Bug#6050: Console blanks trying to install 1.2 from floppies... bug in ctime()? bug in X-Windows? Bug or feature? BUG: utmp and w output Building a Debian bootable CD-Rom ? Bull's Eye! (Re: Syslogd trouble) Buzz (Lightyear) Where Are You? Can not boot kernel-2.0.27 with apt2840. can't find /dev/hdc, misdetected during bootup Can't install Debian-1.2 Can't install netscape (using dpkg) Can't load cdrom module can't load library Can't load the nfs module Can't load xlib library problems Can't see modem on /dev/cua1 Can't type eight-bit characters in tcsh_6.06-9 re: Cards using the Plug and Play protoc Cards using the Plug and Play protocol CD rom kernel support cdrom problem during installation CD rom & Syquest cfengine errors from cron output CHAP authentification for PPP Cheap Alpha anywhere? Checking those packages checksecurity in cron.daily/standard HELP! clnttcp_create: RPC: program not registered Cobol/C color-ls?? Compatability & Phone Compile time errors in include files... Re: Compiling Perl from Source Configuring Modem Configuring Network Card Re: Configuring Network Card problem (More info) Console blanks trying to install 1.2 from floppies... Continued Debian Boot Problems COPS & debian Cosole Beep creating custom boot disk Re: cron cron dies, /tmp permissions go Cross Compiling for DOS/Windows3.1/Windows95 CTRL/ALT/+|- damn network cards Re: date and time .DEB files Debian 1.1 -> 1.2 update Debian 1.1 (1-Jul-96) networking problem Debian 1.2 install problem - short memory Re:Re: Debian 1.2 International Debian 1.2 international? Debian 1.2: mc dependency problem Debian 1.2 - my installation woes. Debian 1.2 rescue disk reboots Toshiba Tecra laptop Debian 1.2 resq1440 disk problem Debian 1.3 ? Debian and Windows95 Re: Debian and Windows95 FAT Debian Boot Problem Debian Boot Problems on a Thinkpad /debian/buzz/binary-i386/devel Packages Debian Logo proposal Debian & M$ co-habitation Debian on a dual PPro PC Debian on Infomagic CD debian pre1.2 Debian security list (was Re: security) Re: Debian vs. floppy install Default Window Manager deliver and biff and comsat /dev/loop? diald bug Did something in nvi or curses change? DIP to PPP ? Directory Format of CDROM Disk partitioning DNS! DNS... :( DNS and its Proper configuration DNS Request Does the list send the sender a copy? Doom .deb file for debian 1.2 Dosemu + FDOS problem Dot-matrix printers dpkg-ftp/dselect timestamping dpkg-ftp, SOCKS, elf dynamic linking dpkg keeps using the 'msdos-i386' directory... dpkg package database error Driver for GE2500 II PCI Ethernet Card Drivers for Iomega Zip Drive? dselect failed on perl ??!! dselect installation fails dselect pre-dependency problem Re: dselect via ftp probs Re: dual pentium dump problems Eek! Something broke! EGA driver for Xfree ? Re: EGA driver for Xfree ? // Hercules too elm problem Empty messages from debian list servers endless loop in dselect /etc/daily.cron/man broken by Debian 1.2? /etc/hostname, Contents? /etc/hosts and BIND autoconversion /etc/passwd and /etc/groups not consistent? /etc/password locked. Ethernet drivers exim and virtual domains FAQ-FAQ-FAQ... FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages file permission for cdrom /dev/hdc etc files... Finding files in UNINSTALLED packages findns error findutils_4.1-12 makes /var/lib/locate owned by root.root fork()ing and SIGKILL and SIGSTOP Format problem Formatting umsdos partitions Fortunes (I have none) Found a core file. Fresh 1.2 instalation with minor problems FSP Archives? ftp dselect of project/experimental was:Re: shadow password support is missing. Fun with procmail... STILL. .fvwm2rc FWD: FVWM95 Configuration File Wanted fvwm won't start. [Fwd: ] Why g3topbm uses WAAAAY too much ram/swap gdb and dynamically loaded code General clueless upgrade question (fwd) Generating a boot disk for 5 disk set getting ppp up Re: Getty Given up on word viewer.. go-ahead for Debian 1.2 Re: Goodbye, all! Re: Gosh, I can't believe this!!! (was: who's guilty...) Re: grab updates from a new Debian ... Grab updates from a non-Debian machine ? groups? Grrr! Dangling links in /usr/lib/ GS 3.33 vs. 2.61, weak rendering, WHY? g++ undefined reference to '__getfpucw' hardware problems? Has anyone installed on a Toshiba T2115CS? hda3 won't mount as root - ok on /mnt - ??? HELP! Help generating a boot disk for install help getting 1.2 rescue to boot Help! I'm with mount problems... HELP! - me recover from 1.2 aborted install Help with corrupt headers Help with installing Debian 1.2 Help with installing Debian 1.2 (#2) Hint / Call to use emacs outline mode HOW can I CREATE a missing /dev/printer? How come there is no `Reply to' field The last update was on 10:08 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1530 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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