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Any pitfalls of upgrading to libc in "unstable"?

I'm going to have to upgrade to the latest Apache httpd that's in 
"unstable". Last time I tried it, Apache kept crashing every time I
tried to get a page. Someone suggested that it was because I didn't have
the latest libraries. So, I'm planning on upgrading to the latest 
libc in "unstable". 

What I need to know is, is there any magic order I need to do everything
in? I know the last time I tried to futz with my libraries, my whole
system *stopped* (because I "rm"ed the old libraries before copying in
the new ones. I guess "cp" was linked to shared libs, because I never
made it that far. cp complained that it couldn't link to the shared libs,
etc. I had to eventually boot the install disks and replace the original
shared libs.

So, seeing as how this has to happen on a *live* web server, I'd like
to get any tips in advance. For example:

I'm going to update ldso at around the same time. Should one come before
the other? (ie, install new ldso, then new libc, or vice-versa?).

Hints, tricks, suggestions?

- Joe

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