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Re: 1.2 Upgrade Experience

In <m0vcCXU-000Lb4C@bigbear.treecave.org> gavin@treecave.org writes:

>                                                  But before I get
> to any of that, I want to say "thanks".


> While upgrading, a number of packages (about 10 of the over 100) 
> failed to install.  [ but they installed correctly if you re-did the
> install several times ]

I have had this happen too, and it is kind of frustrating.  I think
that the order that the packages are installed needs to be run through
tsort in order for the dependencies to be applied properly.  Actually,
I am not even sure if that will work because dpkg makes one pass
through to unpack, install, and _then_ configure the packages.  If a
package needs to have another package correctly installed before it
can be installed, then there are problems...

> [ comments about how there is no transcript/log of the information
>   that gets printed during an install ]

I found this very frustrating too.  _IF_ I caught the messages at all,
I would often have to go wading through the postinst scripts to try
and figure out what exactly it was that I saw.

One other thing that would be nice is if all the packages that require
user prompting were toward the beginning (or the end) of the install
process.  Right now, you can guarantee that a package will have a
prompt by walking away from the computer and guarantee that there will
be no more prompts by sitting there and watching...  I think this could
be tied in with the tsort, but you would need another flag for each
package saying whether it prompts for user input or not.

> Again, thanks for your efforts.



Wayne Schlitt can not assert the truth of all statements in this
article and still be consistent.

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