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Re: Ethernet drivers

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Chad Zimmerman wrote:

> Where can I find the ethernet drivers so that I can install them and get 
> my computer on the network again.  When I updated to 1.2... I lost my 
> access to our network.  So, I need to find and reinstall them, any ideas?
> Chad
> Chad D. Zimmerman
> Editor: Web-Zine -- http://www.nmsu.edu/~czimmerm/Web-Zine/


I had a similar problem a few days ago, I think...  I had used dselect to
upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2.  After working through some problems due to
pre-depends and rebooting, I had the updated kernal and all, but could no
longer use the ethernet card, or the cdrom (cdu33a - ugh).  The ethernet
was the easy fix.  In my case, I have a 3com 3c509 card.  What I needed to
do was run modconf (I think that's it, I can't check right now since my
Debian machine is dead until I get a new power supply) and install the
module for the 3c509 card.  After that the network card worked fine (until
my power supply croaked...)  The cdrom was a little trickier, and in the
end I re-made the kernal so that I didn't have all those other cdrom's
being probed during bootup.  

Hopefully your situation is similar enough that this helps.


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