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diald bug

Hello.  I am getting (and have been getting) the following error from
diald (taken from the log):

Dec  2 00:11:24 sigma diald[388]: Nonzero exit status (7) on command
'/sbin/route add default gw metric 2000 dev sl1'

Now, someone once told me to just ignore this as it wasn't a problem.
However, I now realize that in conjunction with this error, the
default route is not getting re-created.  Therefore, once the link
goes down once, it will never go back up automatically.  It does still
work fine using the control fifo, signals, or by creating the
appropriate route by hand.  Is there a fix for this or a way around.
I know that you can tell diald to run a script instead of the above
route command, but I haven't tried to create a replacement for the
default behavior yet.


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