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Re: 1.2 installation, more notes

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Esa Turtiainen wrote:

> > o I'm having problems recompiling the kernel. Compilation and module
> >  installation proceeds smoothly (using kernel-sources-2.0.27_1.00 ), but
> >  at boot time the slhc, slip and ppp modules I selected (and I suspect the
> >  rest in  that category) are not recognized/loaded. Even if I tell 
> >  make config to include slip/ppp/slhc in the kernel instead of as modules,
> >  I cannot use slip or ppp. I noticed these modules were advertised as
> >  being (NEW!) on the first compile.
> >   The kludge I used was to compile the kernel with my specifications, but
> >  use the /lib/modules/2.0.27-old directory instead of the one installed by
> >  the make modules_install. 
> This might be the same one I noticed some time ago (older kernel).
> When you compile a new kernel with the same number (2.0.27 in this case),
> the new modules go to the same modules directory. However, the 
> installation does not remove the old modules from the same
> directory. If you compile some module into the new kernel, the
> same module is both in kernel and in modules. It seems that
> the kernel gets confused in this case.

This couldn't have been a problem the first time I compiled the kernel,
since I was careful to rename the 2.0.27 directory to 2.0.27-old. So when
make modules_install ran, it created a new directory containing only the
newly compiled modules. However, on comparison with the old
modules.dep file, there seems to be some missing information in the
new modules.dep file. Some other mails indicated that /sbin/depmod -a
might be required at some point during recompilation, probably after
make modules_install. I'll need to look at the man pages and try this out
this weekend.  


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