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Re: Gosh, I can't believe this!!! (was: who's guilty...)

At 09:24 PM 12/1/96 -0800, you wrote:

>I'll offer this guess: the troublesome card does DMA, and is not being shut
>down before the kernel reboots.  It writes to its previously programmed
>buffer address during the memory test, which of course causes the memory
>test to fail.  Warm boot works because it does a very cursory memory test
>(if any), allowing only a short time window for the card to interfere; cold
>boot fails because of a more thorough test.
>Perhaps the change between kernels 1.2 and 2.0 was that the driver now takes
>advantage of the card's DMA capabilities?  Or something isn't getting shut
>down properly when switching to runlevel 0?  Or the driver doesn't finish
>or cancel outstanding operations when it's closed?

Uhhmmm... your explanation sounds very good to me but dmesg reports that DMA
is not needed when it detects the card. Also, the DOS utility used to
configure the IRQ and I/O address of the card does not provide the
capability to configure a DMA channel.





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