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Another (different) printing question

I used to run magic filter on an older Debian system and it worked fine.
I installed 1.1 a few months back and re-installed the magicfilter
and now I have the stair-step problem.  I have read the HOWTO and
it said to run a filter, and described one to fix that problem, but
with magicfilter pointing to the laserjet-lo filter, I can't do that.
I'm surprised that I didn't have an option to tell the install that I 
needed a CR at the end of line.  I know I can change the defaults on
the printer but then it won't work right in DOS/WIN.  I know that
there is a way to make magicfilter work, 'cause it used to, but I don't
recall doing anything special then, but I could have and forgotten
about it.

Anyway does anyone know how to cure stair-steps with magic filter?  I 
looked through the laserjet-lo filter script, but nothing jumped out
at me.


Jim Lynch, System Engineer,  SGI/Cray Research, Inc. / ARS: K4GVO
Federal Business Systems, Phone: (770) 631-2254, Email: jwl@cray.com
Suite 270, 200 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269

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