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Re: Debian vs. floppy install

>>>>> "-Ing" == -Ing Andreas Wehler <wehler2@wrcs1.urz.uni-wuppertal.de> writes:

-Ing> : home PC. Now, with Debian there seems to be no information
-Ing> whatsoever on : how to choose the packages after you install the
-Ing> 4 or 5 base set : floppy disks. I know that if you use other
-Ing> methods like dpkg-ftp (I don't

-Ing>  We considered too the floppy emulsion (it's not a solution).
-Ing>  Unpack your multivolume tar to
-Ing> your home PC into an adjaecnt partition and install it via
-Ing> moundet fs.

I have done this a couple of times. 

-Ing> : the Debian sub-directories (admin, text, tex, misc,
-Ing> etc...). When I tried : to install the 1.1 release I had often
-Ing> to go back to the Debian server to : get more packages that
-Ing> depended on the ones I got first.

-Ing>  The needed information to select your packages should be in the
-Ing> Packages file, if you grep the names of the wanted packages.

After the base install (the 4 base floppies), there are a large number
of packages selected by default.  If you note each selected package in
dselect, you know exactly what packages you need.  Then download and
tar the whole lot.

Billy C.-M. Chow 
Department of Systems Engineering       
The Chinese University of Hong Kong    
email: cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk           

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