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Re: 1.2 installation, more notes

From: Prashanth Mundkur <mundkur@ece.uci.edu>
> o I have an annoying problem with the login prompt. After booting, the 
> first prompt I get is Password: and not Username:. This happens on the
> console, and not on the virtual terms. However, when I logout of any
> terminal, console or virtual, the term shows the Password: prompt. 

This was a bug in one of the installation disk sets prior to 1996-12-8.
Find the line for tty1 in /etc/inittab, and make it look more like the
one for tty2. Then "kill -HUP 1". The problem will go away.

The intent was for the console to run the installation program as soon as
the system went multi-user. It's supposed to disable this feature the first
time the installation program runs to completion. An obscure bug in the
sysvinit package broke that. Subsequent boot disk sets work around the bug.

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