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Can't install Debian-1.2

Hi all,

Pentium PCI 100MHz, 24MB RAM, S3 Trio-64/2MB, HDD IDE Maxtor 7850, 
ATAPI CDROM Goldstar R540C, 1831 sound card (main audio chip ESS1688),
Ethernet card SMC Ultra

Boot from RESQ (Dec 8) disc:
GCCD: Goldstar Interface Adapter does not exist or H/W error
$ld: cm206.c, v 1996/08/11 10:35:01 david Exp $

and everything stops at this point.

Boot form NEW-RESQ (Dec 23) disc:
md driver 0.35 MAX_MD_DEV=4, MAX_REAL=8
NCR53c406a: no available ports found

and it also stops.
Any suggestions please?


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