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Re: Debian 1.2 install problem - short memory

On Tue, 24 Dec 1996, George Bing wrote:

> I have been trying to install 1.2 on a Thinkpad 500 with 4 meg of memory 
> without success.  The machine had Slackware working on it, but the rescue 
> disk fails on boot.  It last message is:
> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> And then hangs.  I suspect the problem is a lack of memory.  The rescue 
> disk reports memory as:
> Memory: 1604k/4288k available (1044k kernel, 384k reserved, 672k data)  
> By comparison, the slackware bare.i boot disk reports:
> Memory: 2828k/4288k available (688k kernel, 384k reserved, 388k data)
> and the previous custom kernel was similarly small.
> I tried the new.resq1440.bin with similar results.  floppy=thinkpad, and 
> mem=xxx, and other attempts at boot parameters make no difference, other 
> than to elicit a slight variation of:
> Couldn't get a free page . . .
> out of Memory
> ----
> My guess is that the rescue disk kernel is just too large for a machine 
> with so little memory.  My expectation is to get the system going from 
> floppy, and then add parts with either SLIP, PLIP, or PCMCIA ethernet - 
> depending on how well things work.
> If the above interpretation is correct, is there any chance we could have 
> a low memory version of the rescue disk for similar machines.  I would 
> put the disk together myself, except that I need a working debian system 
> to install the package on to make a new disk.
> George

I had a similar problem on an old 386 laptop.  I was able to build a very
bare kernel on another machine which I then copied to the resq144 disk.
Granted this was a very homegrown hack but it worked enough to get the
machine up and running  and allow me to build a new kernel on it with what
I needed.  If you want to try this kernel mail me and I will send you a
copy of the kernel and the steps I used to get it to work.

A. Paul Heely Jr. <apaulh@mindport.net>

Version: 2.6.3


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