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endless loop in dselect

 There is an endless loop with dselect:
 starting from scratch;
   mark: new required
   mark: new important
      find: at is important (was: remove)
            at depends on bsdutils
            libc5-dev (was: install)
            libc5-dev depends on libc5 (= 5.4.7-7)
      libc5-dev         is marked
      libc5             is marked
then, the same conflict screen occurs again and again....
Escaped it with "X".

 I was installing from a mounted partition containing the rex tree
from ca. 2 weeks ago.  So I'll see if a NFS-installation from our
local debian mirror will do it.

 Q: Can one revert the data base to state (n-1); (n-2); ...?  Or
perhaps just in a "known to be good" state when thing at this point
have run into an undesirable state?  I've not passed the first select
session and am curious about a friendly installation order.

  Greetings, Andreas.

Uni Wuppertal, FB Elektrotechnik, Tel/Fax: (0202) 439 - 3009
Dr. Andreas Wehler;  wehler2@welfa4.elektro.uni-wuppertal.de

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