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Re: Debian on Infomagic CD

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I advised Joel to look over the licenses of the individual programs in
> non-free, and decide what he could legally include. I don't know if he'll
> have space.

Since there has been discussion of splitting up non-free, how about
creating a 'non-dist' for those that have distribution restrictions?
Fortunately, there are not many, and if the package maintainer would
include a line in the Packages entry like:

mypackage-1.1.deb D-Restrictions: CD foreign Xfoo
  (restricted CD, foreign, or 'foo' distributions)
anotherpkg-0.1.deb D-Restrictions: none
  (no restrictions on distribution)

This way, a grep of the packages (with standardized keywords) would give
an instant list of all packages not allowed on CD-ROM.

The '-Xfoo' flag is a hypothetical "extended" flag, here stating that
distribution by method "foo" is specifically prohibited, but there is no
recognized flag '-foo'.

This could be extended to all non-free packages, with other lines, like:

thispkg-2.0.deb U-Restrictions: commercial

for restrictions on commercial use.

Just an idea...

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